If you’re like me, you have a lot to do pretty much all the time; and to get all these things done you probably use some sort of to do list manager. Personally I use Todoist. As a todoist user with a Master Karma rank, I’ve figured out how to create meaningful tasks that are actionable, which is extremely important if you’re going to get anything done.

Below I outline three main things that I’ve learned while using Todoist that may help you get started with organizing your tasks with a todo app.

Use It or Lose It

You have to start by deciding you want to use a todo app and then actually use it. Todoist allows you to organize your life, not just that one side project you have going on after work.

You also have to remember to right down what needs to be done. A todo app is great tool, but useless if you never use it. If you find out you have something you have to do, write it down right then and there, don’t think “I’ll do it later” (hint, you won’t).

Make It Doable

There’s no point in writing down todo tasks if the task isn’t actually doable. What does that mean? Well let’s look at an example.

Say you started a new online course and you want to use your todo app/system to manage getting through that course. A mistake would be to immediately make a todo item that reads:

Finish online course

This todo item isn’t actionable in the short term. Obviously, you want to finish the course, but you can’t do it in one sitting (probably). So if you assign that huge task to one day, you’ll probably forget about it until that day sneaks up on you or it will be so overwhelming to do that you just flat out won’t do it. So how do you fix it? Break up the overall goal into smaller tasks that you can actually get done (example below).

As you can see in the image above, watching 2 videos in a single day or session is much more doable than finishing an entire course. Also notice that Todoist allows you to create sub tasks of larger tasks. So I want to finish the Unity course I started on Udemy, but I can’t do that in one sitting. So instead I say: “today I want to watch 2 videos from a single section”. That’s doable; and when I do it I feel like I accomplished something and I worked towards my bigger goal of finishing the course.

Baby Steps

The last thing you need to consider is how you want to break up larger tasks into more manageable tasks. What I find best is to take the larger task and break it up into sub projects that you can work on over the course of a week or so. Then with those sub projects, decide what you want to get done each day of a particular week and create todo tasks to get them done! You’ll find that you reach your larger goal faster than you think possible.


I hope you find the above suggestions helpful. Feel free to check out my other blog posts and follow so you don’t miss one!

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