tl;dr The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a fantastic keyboard that I enjoy using both at work (Cherry MX Brown version) and at home (Cherry MX Blue). It’s rigid construction makes it feel stable. The switches feel great and the media controls are super convinient. I’d def recommend this as a general purpose mechanical keyboard.

Pros Cons
Great build quality (aluminum body) Not the cheapest option
N-Key Roll Over Support Two height options
Integrated USB 3.0 Hub Non-removeable cable
Integrated media controls Non-braided cable
Integrated volume knob  

Design and Features

Overall, the Das Keybaord 4 has a fantasic construction. With a solid aluminum top plate, there is very little (if any) flex in the keyboard body. The keyboard uses authentic Cherry switches with the blues feeling clicky and satisfying (as always) and browns with a less clicky, but tactile feel (which my co-workers appreciate). The media controls make it easy to adjust your computer’s audio output volume, play/skip/pause and mute. The added hotkey for computer sleep is nice, but not necessary. The volume wheel is also notched and clicky, giving you tactile feedback as you adjust your computer’s volume. The integrated USB 3.0 hub is fantastic when you want to charge your phone or access a USB thumbdrive.

The bottom stand doubles as a ruler, which is nice in an engineering setting, but at home I do wish there were more height levels to choose from, but I don’t feel that the height of the keyboard is awkward for my hands or wrists. Note that at work I do use a wrist rest, while at home I do not. The lack of a removable USB cable is a bit of a bummer, but not a deal breaker. I also wish that the cable was braided which would make it easier to slide around behind my desk when doing cable management. In the future I would also like to see a wireless version of this exact keyboard.

Despite the nitpicky gripes, I haven’t been able to find a general purpose, non-“gamery” mechanical keyboard that includes this many features. Sure it’s a little bit more expensive than most keyboards out there, but as they say:

“You get what you pay for”

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